Prof. Gonzalo Tassier

1941 – 2023

Born in Mexico City, Gonzalo Tassier studied at The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) School of Architecture. He later undertook a four-year degree in Philosophy, before joining the community of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit.
Despite being a self-taught designer, Tassier’s career has spanned over four decades, in which time he has become Mexico’s leading graphic designer. Having worked for the offices of Giancarlo Novi, Design Center and Bozell, Tassier is renowned for his iconic logo designs, which includes the eagle emblazoned on the shirts of the Mexican national football team since 1998. In 1995, Tassier founded the communication design agency Retorno Tassier of which he is president. Based in Mexico City, Retorni Tassier has numerous Mexican and international companies as clients as well as Government institutions and state organizations, including the Santander Group, Volkswagen of Mexico and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation.
Tassier is quoted as saying “I was born with a gift and I feel that my duty is to give it back to others”. That he has done this with a generosity of spirit and mind has been testified by generations of students at the Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA) in Mexico City and at other universities and colleges throughout the country where he has been a guest lecturer. His students are on record as saying that his classes were a unique experience in their education but he insists that he learned at least as much from them. As one former student has remarked, most design schools in the country “have been exposed to his talent and loving embrace. He makes you want to grab a pencil and create beautiful things. He makes you proud to be a designer”.

Prof. Gonzalo Tassier


Sir Misha Black Medal